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The BiO3Blaster™ Ozone Generator Owner’s Manual Version 2013 with additional instructions & precautions added by mold expert Phillip Fry

We Appreciate and Thank You for buying the very effective BiO3Blaster!

You also need to buy a timer at a hardware store or home improvement store to automatically turn on and off the ozone generator. Expect to pay $8 to $15 for a good quality timer into which to plug an electrical extension cord running from outside of the treatment area into the treatment area to turn on and off remotely your BiO3Blaster™.  Alternatively, instead of using a timer, you can keep track of the time duration of the ozone treatment and just unplug the extension cord when you have completed the ozone treatment time period desired.

For questions or topics not included in this Owners Manual please feel free to email Phillip Fry phil@moldinspector.com or phone Phil  1-480-310-7970

We will be glad to get back with you, quickly via a live human being to answer your question if possible.

Your business, is super appreciated and valued by us and our ozone treatment team.

This ozone user manual is written in plain English, it is not technical, and it is not meant to be a substitute for due diligence and common sense on the part of user.

*****Odor removal and mold remediation are complex topics and this primer is only about the basics, and is not intended to substitute as a business training manual.

The "Readers Digest Condensed version for those who don’t have the patience to read the whole thing":

If you don't have the time to read the whole thing here are the basics to read before your first use.

Here are the Golden Rules of using our ozone machines for High Ozone Shock Therapy:

1. Remove the 3 P’s from the areas to be treated; NO PEOPLE, NO PLANTS, NO PETS!

2. Run the machine ONLY in an UN-OCCUPIED space.

3. Use the timer and plug the machine into the timer every time you use it.

4. Set the machine to turn OFF one hour before your returning to the treated area, every time you use it.

5. To completely eliminate the risk of over exposure to ozone during and after your ozone blasting, please use a carbon/charcoal filtered p-100 protective/ventilated face mask.  If you need to enter the ozone treatment area during the treatment time, fist turnYou can buy this special protective breathing mask at Home Depot or Lowes for about $40. Some of the leading mask brands are MSA, 3M, and AOS.

High ozone blasting does not harm items in the room or area being ozoned or the building itself if the ozone generator is run for less than eight hours at a time in a particular room or area. Damage from ozone can occur from extended use duration (more than eight hours at a time) and, not from the high ozone concentration itself.

"NEVER EVER breathe more ozone than .05 parts per million".

How can I tell how much is safe? If you smell it and its uncomfortable its too much: as my child hood friend Tucan Sam says "Follow your nose, it always knows".

Here are some additional ozone treatment operatonal procedurs and safety precautions from mold consultant Phillp Fry, co-manager of EnviroDangers

1. Find out where the fresh air goes into your heating/cooling system because you will first do ozone treatment of your heating/cooling system by running the hose attachment from your unit into the fresh air intake of your system for one hour, while the hvac system is running on fan ventilation (no heating or cooling) to carry the heavier than air ozone throughout the hvac equipment and ducts.

2. Similarly, do ozone treatment of each window or wall air conditioner by inserting the ozone treatment hose into the fresh air supply of each air conditioner.

3. There are a number of very important safety precautions to take when you operate mold and bacteria killing ozone generator---

    (a) There must be NO plants, pets, or people inside the house during the ozone blasting of the hvac and later of all areas of your house.
    (b) You turn the machine on and off with either a timer or by plugging unit into a long extension cord going outside that you can plug and unplug to turn on and off the unit. After you turn off the unit, don't re-enter the house for at least one hour to give the ozone the time to return to normal O2 oxygen.  
    (c) While the ozone machine is working use electric fans to help to help carry the heavier than air ozone throughout the rooms of the house. (Plastic protect the fan extension cords).
When you re-enter the ozone treatment areawear a 3M brand or equivalent
carbon/charcoal filtered p-100 protective and ventilated face mask, eye goggles with no breathing holes ("chemsplash"), disposable gloves, and pants and long-sleeve shirt, and baseball  cap (to cover as much of your skin as possible) and then immediately place and run fans in windows to exhaust interior air outward to get rid of any residual ozone.   Run both your hvac system on fan ventilation and the window fans exhausting air outward for at least 2 hours to exhaust any remaining ozone gas into the outdoors. Don't have people pets, or plants in your house until after this 2 hour air exhausting process. The reason for all of these precautions is that the elevated level of ozone produced by your high output ozone generator is great for killing mold, bacteria viruses, bedbugs, dustmites, mites, pet odors, and cigarette smoke odors but not healthy for people, pets, and plants.  Ozone gas can enter one's body through one's nose, mouth, eyes, and skin surface.
    (e) After you have the opportunity to ozone treat all areas of your house (including basement, crawl space, attic, garage, all rooms, and hvac), use a HEPA vacuum to vacuum upholstered furniture, carpeting, all floors and walls to get rid of any deposited/landed mold spores. Then wash down all walls and furniture and fixtures and floors with borax laundry detergent (two cups per gallon of warm water) to get rid of any landed/deposited mold spores.  What you are doing is using three different approaches to killing and removing mold spores and mold growth:
(1) ozone treatment; (2) HEPA vacuuming; and (3) washing and scrubbing with borax laundry detergent.  Even more effective than borax is boric acid powder, mixed with either 3% or 6% hydrogen peroxide in the formula posted on our website
 http://www.moldmart.net, at which you can also buy boric acid powder for delivery to your home.  Please read the 25 steps for safe and effective mold removal.

Before Your First Use

The Science of High Ozone Shock Treatments™…How the BiO3Blaster™ Works :

The BiO3Blaster™, like all ozone generators, functions, on simple, scientific principles.

Ozone is created in nature in the upper atmosphere every time there is a lightning storm.

Ambient atmospheric oxygen O2 is converted into O3 when it comes in contact with high frequency (voltage) electricity.

The way that ozone eliminates odors or VOCs (and kills bacterias & mold) is via oxidization.

Did you ever pour hydrogen peroxide on a cut?

Hydrogen peroxide is H2O2, or H2O+O.

When you see it begin to fizz, you are literally watching the oxygen molecule, O, break off of the water molecule, H2O; after the reaction what is left is simple water, or H2O.

As the oxygen, breaks of the water molecule, via free radical oxidization, the microbe or germ is killed or destroyed.

Ozone is the gaseous equivalent of hydrogen peroxide; instead of being O2, pure oxygen, it is O3, O2 +O, or ozone gas.

When it encounters a germ or VOC (odor) it immediately begins to oxidize it, just like hydrogen peroxide. In fact ozone gas kills bacteria and mold 3,125 times FASTER than chlorine bleach!  By the way, bleach is not a good killer of mold spores and mold growth. Learn why by visiting http://www.bleach-mold-myth.com.

The really neat thing is that within 30 minutes of the ozone machine being turned off, all that is left is simply pure oxygen, as the extra singlet or free radical oxygen has a very short half-life.

The BiO3Blaster™ product line of ozone machines and ozone-injecting carpet cleaners have many benefits over the rest of the ozone machines for sale on the marketplace, but the principle difference is more electricity per cell, higher quality dielectric media, more air distribution power, higher ozone output, and durability for years of service to you.

The basic principle of how the ozone machines work is to completely fill a given space with the ozone gas, in order to saturate even the tiniest nooks, crannies, and crevices. Our machines produce True Ozone Output™ or Actual Ozone Output™. Many manufacturers of ozone machines make ridiculous claims of high output like "16,000 mg/ph" but then employ only 4,000 volts to the cells. Mg/ph means milligrams per hour.

The industry rule of thumb is you get 1 mg/ph for every volt of electricity employed; so if you want 16,000 mg/ph then you would need 16,000 volts provided by your transformer or transformers. For example a 4,000 volt transformer simply cannot generate more than 4000 milligrams per hour, period.

In our machines there are 1000 volts of electricity for every 1000 mg/ph, claimed; in other words our 14,000 mg/h machine generates 14,000 volts and 14,000 mg/ph, (humidity can affect output slightly).

High Ozone Shock Treatment™ v. Ozone Emitting Air Purifiers

Understanding ozone machines can be quite confusing. In order to eliminate the confusion here are the basics:

The US EPA regulates Air purifiers that produce small amounts of ozone (mg/ph in the hundreds) are used to pump just enough ozone into the room to make it smell better. In order to be used while people are present in the room, they cannot produce over .05ppm. These air purifying ozone generating machines produce levels of ozone that are considered safe to breathe.

On the other hand High-Ozone Shock Generators™ (thousands mg/ph ) like the BiO3Blaster™ produce extremely high levels of ozone to saturate an entire room or structure with high enough ozone concentrations to oxidize & treat the source of the odor, the VOC‟s mold & bacteria themselves.

Just imagine the difference is like treating the symptom v. the root cause of the disease itself.


MG/PH means „milligrams per hour‟, or the amount of ozone (in milligrams) an ozone generator produces over a given one hour period of time. The higher the milligrams per hour the more ozone it produces in an hour‟s time.

Ozone has a half-life of about 30 minutes, it immediately starts reverting back to oxygen; in other words as soon as is it produced it begins to dissipate.

This means that there is a direct relationship between MG/HR and the size of the room or structure you can treat effectively.

The more MG/PH the larger the area you can effectively treat.

Our BiO3Blaster™ ozone machines are right for any problem from small homeowner to large commercial projects ask our rep which machine is right for you!

How to hook up the hose to the ozone generator box to inject ozone into heating/cooling equipment, ducts, air conditioners, your car, etc.

Inside the ozone generator  box on the right side during shipping the ozone generator manufacturer pushes in a fitting with female hose connection threads that matches the hose male threads. You give that fitting a gentle tug to the left and a 4 inch fitting will pull outward from the box. You then thread male to female. Afterwards, you can just pop out the grate drain and push in the hose fitting. The first time you open the grate, you may need a flat blade screw driver to remove the grate. Afterwards it can be accomplished with fingers only. Please watch this YouTube video on how to connect the hose for the first time---

Instructions For Use:

Getting Ready: What you should do prior turning your BiO3Blaster™on.

  Hire mold consultants Phillip Fry and Divine Fry to find air conditioning mold, workplace mold, and mold hidden inside the walls, ceilings, floors, crawl space, attic, basement, and HVAC equipment and system of your house, condominium, office, workplace, or other building anywhere in Chandler, Flagstaff, Mesa, Peoria, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Tucson, and anywhere else in Arizona, Las Vegas, California, nationwide USA, and worldwide. 
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Use Only in Un-occupied Spaces and Eliminate the Three P’s: NO PEOPLE, NO PLANTS, NO PETS!!!!!

Before you treating any room or structure it is essential to evacuate the area of the Three P‟s (People ,Plants, and Pets) ozone is unsafe to breathe, it can damage the linings of the lungs. We recommend evacuating the entire property during treatment. *never plan on operating your BiO3Blaster™ in one part of the home while people are present in other areas of the home, without sealing off the room being treated by Turning off the HVAC system, shutting (and sealing the bottom of) doors, closing vents etc., (blue painters tape works well for this purpose) this will assist in preventing the ozone gas from leaking into other parts of the home.

Protect or Remove Sensitive Electronics Valuables, Etc.

There is a ton of confusing information online about ozone damaging materials. A rule of thumb established by the scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory for high ozone shock treatments is that you never run the machine for over 16 hrs in order to avoid damaging sensitive electronic storage media. We however recommend that you never run the machine for more than 8 hours at a time, in order to avoid such damage. When the study was performed the year was 2002 and there were a lot more floppy storage and magnetic tape media devices than we have today, and professionally in our mold business we have never had this arise as an issue. A rule of thumb for safety however, is that, you cover or remove anything from the area being treated that is valuable to you. It is therefore a cheap insurance policy to remove computers and valuables or cover them with something plastic to minimize penetration into the case.

The effort that it takes to cover or remove an item, which has actual or sentimental value is always worth it. By eliminating the valuable you can know with 100% certainty that something of value or concern will not be affected; is a cheap insurance policy which will let you or the homeowner rest assured and sleep peacefully, since it cannot be affected.

Now that the we have covered our behinds, We have never had a situation where ozone damaged any solid materials if prepared in the above fashion. For liability purposes we always recommend that computers. valuable electronic devices, paintings etc. be removed. Typically it ok to leave the clothes, furniture, and everyday consumer and household items. The exception to the rule is natural fur. All natural fur should be removed from the area being treated.

Don’t Close Off the area being treated!

The most common mistake made when performing a High Ozone Shock Treatment™ is to seal off the area being treated while running the machine. This is a big no-no. Why? Because the area being treated needs a fresh supply of oxygen. The way the BiO3Blaster™ creates ozone is to convert ambient atmospheric oxygen (air) into O3 gas. It uses high voltage electrical current in order to do this. If the machine is used in a confined or closed off space it will quickly convert the ambient oxygen (O2) into O3 just like lightening does in the upper atmosphere. When it runs out of oxygen it will begin to work on or bond the nitrogen in the ambient air and can make nitric oxides and free radicals. There is a lot of dis-information and marketing gobbled-gook surrounding this simple science. Manufacturers of UV light ozone machines make outrageous claims about the fact that their machines will not produce nitric oxides, and they are correct. However what they won't tell you is that their machines will not produce high levels of ozone either, the kind of levels necessary to perform High Ozone Shock Therapy™ either!

In order to avoid this mistake simply crack open a window in the area to be treated. This will provide ample atmospheric oxygen in order to supply the BiO3Blaster™ with plenty of oxygen (O2) to convert! While it may sound counter-intuitive the fact remains that the science behind the strategy is sound.

Alternatively, use the ozone duct hose so that you can leave the BiO3Blaster™in an untreated or oxygen-rich area and blow the ozone into the area to be shocked via the ozone duct dose. This allows the ozone to be generated in an oxygen rich environment while pumping it into the area to be treated.

Remember Ozone is heavier than air

You should always put your BiO-3blaster in the center of the area under treatment. High ozone shock therapy works by allowing the gas fully to penetrate or saturate all of the air in the entire space.

Since ozone is heavier than air it should either be placed high up in the room or as close to the cold air return as possible and turn on the HVAC blower. When operating the ozone blaster,  it is advisable to turn on all ceiling fans and use one or two box fans to circulate the gas due to the fact, that ozone gas is heavier than air. This compensates for the heavier gases natural inclination to seek the lowest areas in the room. We often place the BiO3Blaster™ on a ladder, or on top of our air scrubber during our mold remediation projects. This is not crucial but will improve performance.

Use Air Duct Ozone Treatment

One of the best ways to treat your entire home is to use your BiO3Blaster™ with the Air Duct Hose through the HVAC system. Allowing the ozone to be distributed evenly throughout the home and treating the insides of the ducts at the same time is highly recommended. If you live in a warm area of the country and frequently rely on your air conditioning system, in our opinion, routine duct treatments are a must. In fact the ability to treat your ducts frequently is worth the entire purchase price of the product! In warmer climates, especially, HVAC installers often use substandard ductwork made of fiberboard or flex duct. These products cannot be effectively mechanically cleaned and the ozone gas is the most effective way to treat these types of systems.

Humidity can reduce the efficacy of Ozone production:

Humidity levels over 50% reduce the amount of ozone that can be created. Our ozone machines do use the most efficient corona discharge available and we routinely use them in high humidity, water- damaged environments during our mold remediation projects, so this is a recommendation only.

However for optimum ozone generating efficiency; you should attempt to lower the humidity levels of the room or space to be treated. De-humidifiers will help dry the affected area to maximize ozone output.

Complete Saturation is the Key to Successful Treatment:

When performing high ozone shock treatment each project will be different, the complete success of every use depends on your ability to accomplish one critical task… saturating the treatment area in question with high concentrations of ozone gas for a prolonged duration of time.

How Long Should I run the BiO3Blaster™?

Every project is different with many variables, we do not offer a protocol for your need as ozone fills far to many niches..

We provide suggestions only… But understand to discover the optimum protocol for each individual use you must rely on your own trial & error, and experimentation.

Control the usage of the ozone generator by the time duration you run it.

Control the usage of the ozone generator by the time duration you run it.  Purposely in the design and construction of the ozone generator, its output is NOT adjustable.  The generator is designed to create a high volume of ozone to do ozone shock treatment for mold and environmental cleanup. The generator cannot be run to create just a low level of ozone output.  The machine is not an air purifier to operate with people in the area, but a high ozone output generator to take care of mold and environmental problems with the ozone treatment area having NO people, pets, or plants inside or near the treatment area during the ozoning and for 3 hours afterwards.

Window Air Conditioners and Heating/Cooling Equipment and Ducts

Because most room air conditioners and heating/cooling systems have internal mold growth, every three months you should use your own high ozone generator to input large volumes of high ozone (at least 14,000 mg per hour of ozone) for one hour into the fresh air supply intake of each window air conditioner, as well as your heating/cooling system to kill all air conditioning mold and bacteria.

Ozone Treatment Inside Cars, Pickup Trucks, and Other Vehicles

Your vehicle can be mold cross-contaminated by mold spores on your hair, skin, clothing, and shoes, or from its own water intrusion problems or car air conditioning mold growth. Use the hose attachment to run ozone for one half hour into the vehicle's air conditioning duct registers, and then for one half hour into the car interior itself.  Get the ozone into your vehicle by closing all windows except to lower one window enough for the insertion of the ozone delivery hose that comes with your ozone generator.

Hire mold consultants Phillip Fry and Divine Fry to find air conditioning mold, workplace mold, and mold hidden inside the walls, ceilings, floors, crawl space, attic, basement, and HVAC equipment and system of your house, condominium, office, workplace, or other building anywhere in Chandler, Flagstaff, Mesa, Peoria, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Tucson, and anywhere else in Arizona.  Lead Test Kits
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Read here for your machine to get your project started…


If you are using the HOME 14k™ UNIT:

Degree of Smell: Minor Medium Extreme

Size of Room 100sq/ft .25 hours .5 hours 1 hour

250sq/ft .5 hour s 1 hours 2 hours

500sq/ft 1 hour 2 hours 3 hours

1000sq/ft 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours

1500sq/ft 3 hours 4 hours 8 hours

Rugged Pro 28k™ CONTRACTOR UNIT:

Degree of Smell: Minor Medium Extreme

Size of Room 100sq/ft .15 hours .25 hours .50 hours

250sq/ft .75 hours 1.5 hours 2 hours

500sq/ft 1.5 hours 2.5 hours 3 hours

1000sq/ft 2.5 hours 3 hours 3.5 hours

1500sq/ft 3 hours 4 hours 5 hours

2000sq/ft 3.5 hours 4.5 hours 5.5 hours

2500sq/ft 3.75 hours 4.75hours 6 hours

3000sq/ft 4.25 hours 5.5 7 hours

Minor Smell: noticeable, probably non-toxic, unlikely to cause health risks, unpleasant at worst (ex: moderate cigarette odor)

Medium Odors: obvious & striking, unpleasant, is not comfortable live in space (ex: mold odors, MVOC‟s)

Extreme Odors: pose potential health risks, impossible to be inside, extreme odor (ex: Decay, Strong mold or bacterial smell, animal feces, vomit, urine, strong chemical smells, VOC‟s)

Once you complete the first treatment if odor persists wait 12 hrs minimum after your initial treatment, and then repeat your ozone treatment. Repeat over and over until the odor disappears.

If area is < 100sq/ft …

Many projects, such as cars, Small sheds boats, and closets are < 100sq/ft. For small projects we recommend the BiO3Blaster™ duct hose and port attachment for optimal O2 conversion to O3, or using the Home mini or Home junior models

If area is bigger than 1000sq/ft…

For Projects > 1000sq/ft we recommend using the BiO3Blaster Rugged Pro Contractor Models or operate  more than 1 Home unit at once (1 per 1000sq/ft) or multiple uses made while sectioning off the areas in question.

If area is bigger than 2000sq/ft…

If area is greater If a home is > 1000sq/ft for example, use the Bio3Blaster contractor model.. This creates adequate concentrations of ozone necessary for oxidation, in high ozone shock treatments..

If area is bigger than 2000sq/ft…

If area is greater If a home is > 3000sq/ft for example, use the Bio3Blaster contractor model. This creates adequate concentrations of ozone necessary for oxidation, in high ozone shock treatments™.

Mold Problems and Their Effective Treatment…

Mold should always be considered and extreme odor. If you have a mold problem we highly recommend that you visit www.moldinspector.com to read the 25 steps for safe and effective mold removal and mold remediation. Mold is a potential pathogen and can be deadly. Many other ozone manufacturer or machine builders will tell you just turn on the ozone and the mold will turn to ash or some other such nonsense. Mold needs to be handled in a very specific fashion in order to minimize cross contamination and health risks to those individuals brave enough to attempt the clean up. Please note that many mold professionals are as inept as the average home owner, or more so, having received poor training and taking many shortcuts in the mold remediation process.

Tips for Completing Successful High Ozone Shock Treatment…

Cat Urine and urine in general are both Extreme odors. Since ozone is a gas it cannot penetrate into solid surfaces. It is a good idea to use a urine-specific enzyme based product, to saturate the affected area first following manufacturer's guidelines.

Caution: to completely eliminate the risk of over exposure to ozone during your ozone blasting, please use a carbon/charcoal filtered p-100 protective/ventilated face mask.

Special Instructions…

Always Use An Automatic On/Off Digital Timer

We recommend that all users immediately purchase a simple heavy duty digital on off timer for use with the BiO3Blaster™. We specifically do not incorporate timing mechanisms into our machines for a very simple reason. In our Mold Removal business we have had the opportunity to use virtually every other ozone competitor‟s machines. The more feature especially digital that are incorporated into the unit the more likely the unit is to break or fail. If the timer is built inside the machine that means that the machine is down and cannot be used and it must be shipped back in order to be repaired. Broken machines can lose money for a serious contractor or professional and they can frustrate the average homeowner. If your separately purchased external timer fails just go to Home Depot or any hardware store and buy a new one to plug the machine into. Problem solved!

WARNING: Exposures to high levels of ozone can hurt your lungs-heed the recommendations below!

It is recommended that the machine gets plugged directly into the timer and that you set it to turn off at least 60 minutes prior to entering the treated space, otherwise a charcoal filter respirator must be worn!!!

Wrapping up: completing a High Ozone Shock Treatment™ with your new BiO3Blaster

Always use a timer to turn off your new BiO3Blaster™

We absolutely recommend the use of a simple digital timer with your new BiO3Blaster™ in order to turn off the machine 30 minutes prior to returning to the area under treatment. This will ensure that your are breathing pure oxygen rather than Activated Oxygen or O3 Gas.

Ozone reverts back top pure oxygen in about ˝ hour to one hour.

If you need to accelerate the evacuation of the gas from the area being treated, first don a p-100 rated respirator with charcoal or carbon filter that is sufficient for harmful vapors.

It is highly important that the respirator fits properly, so be sure to refer to manufacturers guidelines for use.

After donning the face mask, you can enter the area under treatment and open the windows and doors or turn on exhaust fans, in order to exhaust the gas and normalize indoor air quality more effectively.

I treated the area but the odor still exists:

If after performing the treatment the odor has not been eliminated then it is a good idea to repeat the procedure again. If the odor still persists it is likely that you must still perform source removal.

Source removal means eliminating the cause of the issue.

Many different sources create odors, so this manual cannot cover the myriad of treatments necessary for source removal.

It is also possible to set the machine up for routine recurring treatments.

Many of our customers run their ozone machines on a recurring basis, use the timer on a daily or weekly burst setting. This allows the machine to turn on again for a set period of time; for example to turn on once a day while you are at work for 15 minutes, or any other arbitrary time you desire.

WARNING: Remember these machines are for use in UN-OCCUPIED SPACES ONLY!!!

Electrical Device Hazard Warnings:

The BiO3Blaster™ is an electrical device, as with all electrical please take appropriate safety measures while operating this device.

Never operate near water.

For use only by adults, never allow a child to operate this equipment:

Never use near, flammable materials or allow them to enter the inlet end of the machine

Never operate on or near any flammable objects liquids or materials.

Never service the unit yourself except to clean as this voids the warranty.

Never run continuously for more than 12 hours in a row.

Always follow common-sense pre-cautions when using the BiO3Blaster™ or any other electrical device. If there are any questions concerning potential risks of using this electrical device, please contact us by phone or email before attempting.


The only maintenance required is to clean the generator cells if they become dirty or to change the filters on the air inlet ports.

Cleaning the generator cells is quite easy and can be accomplished using alcohol and cotton balls.

Simply Remove the two screws that hold the cell array in place and lift out the pack; pull gently on the plate and it will come off the dock completely.

The plate can then be wiped down and replaced.

Changing the plate is just as simple.

Our Service Policy

As builders of the BiO3Blaster™, we have a USA Based Service department you can trust for all repair issues.

If for any reason the machine fails to function in the first year, just send it back and we will repair it or replace it for free.

If you need service after ward just send it to us for a flat rate rebuild, or order new generator cells and replace.


The information contained herein is based on our own experience using ozone for mold remediation. We are not in the odor removal business the information on odor removal has been gleaned from our customers.

We assume no responsibility for the use or mis-use of this machine on your own or others projects.

By purchasing this machine the user accepts all risk associated with use and mis-use of the same.

We recommend that all users wear carbon filter chemical vapor respirators in conjunction with the manufacture of ozone gas and its evacuation.

We recommend that this machine only ever be used in a environment devoid of people plants and pets.

We recommend never using this machine in one treatment area for more than eight hours at a time.

We recommend the removal of all valuable objects from area of treatment prior to use.

We recommend reading all information regarding ozone and its use.

Thank You

Thank you for choosing the BiO3Blaster™!

We anticipate with pleasure helping you with your odor & mold removal project.

Have questions or need more information???

If you have any question about the use of the BiO3Blaster™, please email Phillip Fry phil@moldinspector.com, or phone Phil at
Phone Toll-Free 1-866-300-1616.

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Hire mold consultants Phillip Fry and Divine Fry to find air conditioning mold, workplace mold, and mold hidden inside the walls, ceilings, floors, crawl space, attic, basement, and HVAC equipment and system of your house, condominium, office, workplace, or other building anywhere in Chandler, Flagstaff, Mesa, Peoria, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Tucson, and anywhere else in Arizona.  Lead Test Kits
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